Framing in Park City

The structural integrity and long-term success of your building rely on a square, level, well-built frame. You can’t trust just any old contractor to deliver quality framing services. You need to hire the area’s best and in Park City that’s MBL Construction LLC.

Our experts have been offering reliable, reputable framing services for years, and we look forward to proving our expertise to you.

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MBL Construction LLC: Best Framing Contractors

Our framing contractors are serious industry professionals, each trained, certified, experienced, and knowledgeable. We provide services for commercial and residential property owners and are trusted by our clients and subcontractors alike. We’re insured for the protection of all who hire us for their project, and we are fully invested in providing the best framing available every time. 

Careful Residential Framing Contractors

We’ve mastered the technique of platform framing and skillfully erecting a home’s frame piece by piece, at a steady pace without rushing - always double-checking to ensure no steps are overlooked. Home framing contractors like MBL Construction LLC don’t take risks. Safety precautions are taken for the good of workers and homeowners alike, and code regulations are strictly adhered to.

Commercial Framing Contractors

Large-scale commercial properties require steel framing to support the height and weight of the finished product. Our metal framing contractors are masterful with steel construction.

Light gauge steel framing done with metal studs has been their specialty since MBL Construction LLC’s inception in Park City. Our walls are consistently straight and smooth, allowing for strength and durability that lasts for decades.

Commercial Wood Framing Contractors

Smaller businesses aren’t dependent on metal framing contractors because they don’t have the same weight load. Our residential framing contractors can step in and do double duty on these projects, flexing their knowledge and expertise with ease. Smaller businesses, industrial, or rental properties are prime examples of buildings our commercial wood framing contractors have masterfully provided sturdy frames for.

Our Framing Company’s Steps to Success

Whether we are hired directly by a client or by a general contractor in need of subcontracting, we perform at the top of our game. We communicate openly, and honestly and are very comfortable explaining our craft in ways that are easy to digest. Working with us involves:

  • A clear assessment of the scope of the project, materials required, laborers required, and the amount of time required
  • Verifying blueprints and drawings for structural propriety
  • Realistic estimate that we give every effort to remain below
  • Ordering materials for delivery at proper time
  • Installing floor frame, wall frames, door and window openings, one level at a time
  • Finishing by deadline

Common Materials at MBL Construction LLC Worksites

We work within a budget to provide the best quality materials available, never skimping.

Our home framing contractors and commercial framing contractors alike utilize:

  • Wood
  • Wood composite
  • Steel
  • Studs
  • Joists
  • Trusses
  • Sheathing
  • Headers
  • Rafters
  • Decking

Contact Us Now The Best Framing Company in Park City

We look forward to being added to your list of bidders for the upcoming framing project. We know our contribution will lay the base for an incredibly sturdy, long-lasting, amazing build. Call us at (801) 631-3770 now to get started!